Task 3: Asking the right questions


Learning how to ask interesting questions takes time. As data scientists we need to learn how to ask questions that data can answer. This task supports your semester project. Note that the reading on data transformation below is necessary for the case study for this week and may be the most important reading of the semester to fully understand


  • Take notes on your reading of the specified ‘R for Data Science’ chapter in a ‘.R’ script or ‘.md’ file.
  • Develop a few novel questions that data can answer
    • Get feedback from 5-10 people on their interest in your questions and summarize this feedback
    • Find other examples of people addressing your question
    • Present your question to a data scientist to get feedback on the quality of the question and if it can be addressed in 2-months.
  • Create one .rmd file that has your report
    • Have a section for each question
  • Be prepared to discuss your results in the upcoming class

Additional Information