During our first class after the prior week’s case study was completed we will spend the first 15-30 minutes in a team meeting. Here are the guidelines.


  • Lead: Those that are prepared to lead the team discussion with their completed case study will write their name on the board before class starts.

  • Support: Others will write their names under the leader and sit at the lead’s table. A minimum of least three members on each team is required.

  • Diversity: Your groups cannot be identical from week to week.


  1. The team lead will present their work to the team for a discussion on how it addresses the client’s questions.
  2. During the presentation the team discusses additional insightful questions that could help in furthering the analysis. These insightful questions need to be typed under the team lead’s task issue in GitHub.
  3. Team members discuss if the graphical analysis provides answers to the driving question.
  4. Team members make a plan to critique each others work. If all have completed the task you could possibly do the critiques during this time.
  5. The upcoming case study is then reviewed and discussed.

Leadership Principles

The real world concept that we are connecting to is that there are times when we can show up to a meeting not as prepared. However, we better have more moments than not where we are contributing to the meeting or we will quickly become not necessary.

  • Complete the class task before class starts to participate in conversation
  • Be a class lead during class (complete a minimum number of times)