I don’t have a forced rule for on-time. In general, on-time means that you have come to class with the reading and tasks complete so that you can actively participate in the conversation. You have to define prepared for class. You should note that the workload in this course does not allow you to fall behind. If you blow off a week, it will be challenging to catch back up.

Code and Citations

The primary goal of the course is to learn how to program and think as a data scientist concerning data wrangling and visualization. I want you to use your time as efficiently as possible to meet this goal. With this goal in mind here are some guiding principles.

  • You can see others code on Github. Think of your classmate’s code as a resource but not a crutch.
    • If you look at other’s code to get help solving a problem, you need help with then that is ok. Just put # Got help for the next three lines of code from Jason's Task 12 script where you copied code.
    • If you copy and paste other’s code to complete a task and can’t recreate the script on your own or understand what it is doing you are cheating.