Our class will support multiple projects throughout the semester. While this experience is still condensed into one semester, we will mimic industry experience as close as possible. As such, you will take the lead on one large project that will require a team to complete. You may be asked to support other projects as well throughout the semester.

It has been my experience that complex analytics projects require the data scientist or statistician to take the lead on building out the tasks and making a plan for project completion. As such, each of you will be required to build out your own semester deliverable in collaboration with me. These deliverables will be a crucial element used to assign your semester grade.

We will use Github to manage our work. If you donโ€™t have previous experience with Github, you can use your required hours to come up to speed. Here are some resources about Git and Github.

Resume Dcoumentation Guidance

We need to be careful not to say that we worked for the company that we are consulting. But we want to signify that we were working on a real-world project instead of standard classwork. I would list your work in this class as work experience.

You could put the title of the work experience as Consulting for [Business Name] and then list the role below as BYU-I Analytics Consulting Team. Each specific project will have its unique bullets.

Consulting for [Business Name]
BYU-I Analytics Consulting Team