Current trends among industries ranging from insurance to manufacturing (as well as many other professions) are pushing the need for data literacy and team based problem solving. MATH 488 - Analytical and Data Consulting provides learners with an experience that mimics industry implementation of the data handling, data analysis, complexity, and application.

The course is designed to support our mathematical sciences and data science majors as well as our statistics minors.

What do student’s say about this course?

I love this class, I wish that I could have taken 12 credits of this class with different projects.
-Jashon Newlun-

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Who is served by this course?

Learners that want an experience in analytics consulting that leverages statistical modelling, machine learning, and advanced data handling and visualization techniques to solve real world problems with data.

Course Mission Statement

Apply a team-based project consulting process to answer client driven questions with the use of modelling methods on large complex data in varied domains.

Course Outcomes

As a successful team member, you will be able to

  1. Apply modeling methods from statistics and/or machine learning to specific business and/or science problems.
  2. Understand how to work in teams to complete large and complex tasks.
  3. Articulate the ethical considerations that need to be made as the data expert.
  4. Implement the ability to learn new methods and domains through research beyond class provided materials.
  5. Develop written and oral communication skills needed to discuss technical, analytical content with others outside of their domain.

Extra Information

The syllabus provides context for the details of how the class will operate and how grades will be earned. has also opened up their online courses for us to leverage during the semester. If you are interested please contact me for the registration.