Case Study 12: Keep your project moving


This week we will learn new coding techniques and visualization principles. However, your case study will provide time to makes sure you have the semester project completed.


This reading will help you complete the tasks below.


  • [ ] Finalize first draft of your project analysis
    • [ ] Choose your flavor of .Rmd for your presentation
    • [ ] Build a stand-alone analysis that helps a reader answer the question at hand with that available data
  • [ ] Present your visualization based analysis that addresses your question
    • [ ] Present your analysis to your roommates (or spouse) and update your presentation based on the feedback
    • [ ] Get feedback from 2-3 fellow classmates on your presentation and update it based on their feedback
    • [ ] Present your draft presentation to a data scientist to review for clarity
    • [ ] Present your work in class, at a society meeting, the research and creative works conference, or as a blog post online