Case Study 1: Critiquing Visualizations and Slack Setup


Your first weekly project requires you to submit a review of 4-5 different data visualizations used to answer specific questions. Some fun websites are, wonkblog, fivethiryeight, and priceonomics (but you can use any website, blog, or article with a good visualization).

The submit word above will require you to create an account on slack. Our slack workspace is You must use your email to create an account.


  • [ ] Find 4-5 examples of data-driven answers and write a one-paragraph review of each.
    • [ ] List 2-3 items that are unique/good
    • [ ] Identify 1 issue with the each example
  • [ ] Create an .Rmd file in R-Studio
    • [ ] Title it Case Study 1 in the YAML
    • [ ] Include links to the visualization post you found
    • [ ] Write a one paragraph critique of each visualization
    • [ ] Add the R code below to your .Rmd file
    • [ ] Knit the file to .html and keep the .md file as well
  • [ ] Create an account on slack.
    • [ ] Find the text on the slack webpage that says ‘If you have an email address, you can create an account.’ and use that link.
    • [ ] You might create a catchy username that matches your other social media usernames and that can follow you for your career. Mine is hathawayj.
  • [ ] Upload your intermediary .md file to the general channel in our Slack group

Code Snippet