Task 17: My investment is better than yours


The stock market is overflowing with data. There are many packages in R that allow us to get quick access to information on publicly traded companies. Imagine that you and a friend each purchased about $1,000 of stock in three different stocks at the start of October last year, and you want to compare your performance up to this week. Use the stock shares purchased and share prices to demonstrate how each of you fared over the period you were competing (assuming that you did not change your allocations).


This reading will help you complete the tasks below.


  • [ ] Take notes on your reading of the new R package in the README.md or in a ‘.R’ script in the class task folder
  • [ ] List the three stocks that your friend picks and the three that you pick
  • [ ] Pull the price performance data using library(tidyquant) or library(quantmod)
  • [ ] Build a visualization that shows who is winning each day of the competition
  • [ ] In the previous visualization or with another visualization show which stock is helping the winner of the competition
  • [ ] Create an .Rmd file with 1-2 paragraphs summarizing your graphics and the choices you made in the data presentation
  • [ ] Compile your .md and .html file into your git repository