Task 8: World Data Investigations - Part 2


The Our World in Data website has world data. It is nice that they have provided graphics and then the data that they used to generate the graphics. Once again, we are going to build visualizations in R using their data.


This reading will help you complete the tasks below.


  • [ ] Take notes on your reading of the specified ‘R for Data Science’ chapter in the README.md or in a ‘.R’ script in the class task folder
  • [ ] Explore the world data on financing_healthcare and create an interesting graphic that highlights this dataset in relation to child mortality.
    • [ ] Use devtools::install_github("drsimonj/ourworldindata") to get a larger dataset on financing_healthcare
    • [ ] Create a graphic that you could use in a final presentation to summarize world child mortality (child_mort column)
  • [ ] Push your .Rmd, .md, and .html to your GitHub repo