Task 7: Data to Answer Questions


Finding good data takes time, and can take longer than the time to tidy your data. This task could easily take 3-6 hours to find the data you need for your semester project. After you find good data sources make sure to complete the remaining tasks.


  • [ ] Take notes on your reading of the specified ‘R for Data Science’ chapter in the README.md or in a ‘.R’ script in the class task folder
  • [ ] Review the “What do people do with new” data link above and write one quote that resonated with you in your .Rmd file.
  • [ ] Build an interactive document that has links to sources with a description of the quality of each
    • [ ] Find 3-5 potential data sources (that are free) and document some information about the source
    • [ ] Build an R script that reads in, formats, and visualizes the data using the principles of exploratory analysis
    • [ ] Write a short summary of the read in process and some coding secrets you learned
    • [ ] Include 2-3 quick visualizations that you used to check the quality of your data
    • [ ] Summarize the limitations of your final compiled data in addressing your original question
  • [ ] After formatting your data identify any follow on or alternate questions that you could use for your project