Task 2: Wax On, Wax off


This task is intended to get all of us on the same page in R. You will copy code from your readings and then improve the Research and Creative Works conference visulization from this Excel file. Even if you have used R before, this will be an excellent refresher. If you do not get the title of this task, watch this.


  • [ ] Make an R script that has the code examples from Chapter 4 of R for data science and Chapter 1 of Modern Drive
  • [ ] Write a short comment in your R script that explains 1-2 new concepts you learned about R
  • [ ] Improve the 3D barchart visuallization using R (see below) to provide a graphic that answers the question, What is the growth over time trend by department of RC&W attendance?
    • [ ] Practice using the help files for geom_line and geom_col and the examples at the end of the help files (see readings)
    • [ ] Save your code in your R script and be prepared to share your code and image in class
  • [ ] Create a GitHub account and post your github username on the google docs sheet
  • [ ] Post a professional picture to your Github, LinkedIn, and Slack icons. Go to the BYU-I LinkedIn Photobooth if you donโ€™t already have one.
  • [ ] Attend Data Science Society on the second Wednesday of the semester.

dat <- read_csv("https://byuistats.github.io/M335/data/rcw.csv", 
                col_types = cols(Semester_Date = col_date(format = "%m/%d/%y"), Semester = col_factor(levels = c("Winter", "Spring", "Fall"))))