Each week you will have a data analysis project to complete. Each analysis is due by 11:59 on Saturday. For every analysis project you will follow the following process.

  1. Download the respective data file for use in R (or R-Studio).
  2. Save the Rmd file into your Math 325 Notebook >> Analyses folder.
  3. Make sure you do not put your name in the .Rmd file.
  4. Complete your analysis using the analysis rubric as your guide.
  5. Upload your completed analysis to the Dropbox folder. Use the following file naming format ProjectName_YourLastNameFirstInitial_StudentID.Rmd and submit both the .Rmd and the .html files.

Weekly Analysis information

It is very important that submissions are made by each respective Saturday. You will be able to resubmit if you do not score as well as you would like from your peer critiques.

Resubmissions Dropbox: The resubmission must have a new heading before the background heading titled Response to Comments. In this section you will type a few sentences that describe the changes you made in your analysis.