Instructor Information

TA Information

Name Email Section
Dayton Hoffmann Winter
McKay Davis Winter

They can provide tutoring hours for our class (meaning they know statistics, R and have been successful in this course). I recommend you find time to interact with them. They will both be in class on Fridays to support you with your analysis.

BYU-I and Mathematics Department Policies

Personal Honor

In this class, our interactions with each other should be guided at all times by the following principles of personal honor. If you have any questions about how Personal Honor is related to academic honesty or the university’s dress and grooming standards, you may visit the University Standards webpage to get more information.

  • Personal honor is integrity in fulfilling commitments, responsibilities, and covenants.
  • Personal honor begins with willing obedience and is fully developed when we consistently govern ourselves by true principles.
  • Personal honor increases spiritual strength through the ministry of the Holy Ghost.
  • Personal honor is central to every aspect of our lives, including the BYU-Idaho experience.
  • Personal honor brings us joy and happiness; deepens our desire to love, serve, and lift others; and ultimately helps us to become more like the Savior.

This class will follow the policies posted on the Mathematics Department website. These policies cover the

  • Honor Code
  • Discrimination
  • Disabilities
  • Children in the Classroom
  • Electronic Devices (We will use laptops in class so ignore the general rule about laptops.)


Grading Scale

This course will use the standard BYU-Idaho grading scale:

Letter Percentage Letter Percentage
A 93-100% C 73-77%
A- 90-93% C- 70-73%
B+ 87-90% D+ 67-70%
B 83-87% D 63-67%
B- 80-83% D- 60-63%
C+ 77-80% F 0-60%

Grade Components

Grades will be determined as follows:

  • 25% Analyses
  • 25% Critiques
  • 20% Skills Quizzes & Attendance
  • 20% Projects
  • 10% Final
  • 3% Extra Credit Book Readings

Late Policy

Due to the vital element of student critiques, analyses and projects have to be turned in on time to be graded. There will be little to no leeway for late homework.

Checking Your Current Grade

Attendance, Analyses, Critiques, and Projects are individually tracked in I-Learn 3.0]({target=“blank”}. The Skills quizzes are tracked individually in Maple TA. At the end of the semester, the combined Skills quiz grade will be imported into I-Learn 3.0. The skills quizzes are worth 11.5% of your overall grade.